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AMiable Solution #222: Three Ways to Show Your Customers Love

Three Ways to Show Your Customers Love

We all say we love our clients, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to send them mushy Valentine’s Day cards. It’s not that type of relationship. It is, however, a human one, one that demands that we treat our clients, donors, and members in the same caring, respectful way we treat our significant others.

How do you show love to your customers?

1. Listen to them. And not just occasionally. Every day. Make it easy for them to communicate questions, concerns, complaints, compliments, and suggestions to you. Be gracious and receptive to their feedback and insight. Build trust and a relationship.

2. Hire good people. And we’re not just talking about good customer service people. Your customer service department must be friendly and patient to help maintain good customer relationships, but the rest of your company should be filled with good people, too. People who work well with others. People who like to solve problems. People with great imaginations and solid knowledge bases.

3. Don’t be a poser. You’ve met them. People who pretended to be something they weren’t. How long did those relationships last? Not long, most likely. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who isn’t truthful with themselves or others, and no one wants to do business with an organization that puts up fronts or hides things from its market, either. Be honest. Be yourself. And let your company’s personality shine.

Not all relationships last forever, but treating them with courtesy and kindness will give you a future worth talking about.

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