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AMiable Solution #227: Small Rulers

Direct Mail Marketing - sometimes your appeal doesn't work.

If you’re like most marketers, you probably gauge your department’s success--and yours--on the big reports.The sales report.The membership report.The promotion report.The fundraiser report.The new customer report.Etc.

But sometimes it takes little victories to make the big hits.Too many times, however, we fail to appreciate our more “minor” accomplishments.Either we don’t notice them, or we don’t place the same value on them as we place on our ROIs, bottom lines, etc.

So, take a few minutes this week, this month, this year to increase your morale, maintain your motivation, and enjoy your successes, wherever they come from:

  • Number of newspaper articles generated from a public relations campaign

  • Decrease in email marketing bounce rate

  • Decrease in logged complaints and/or increase in positive comments and feedback

  • Decrease in office turnover

  • Decrease in workplace accidents

  • Increase in unique visitors to your website

  • Increase in inquiries

  • Increase in search engine rankings for your website

  • Increase in new visitors to your website

  • Increase in the number of people who subscribe to your blog

  • Increase in the volume of interactions on your social media platform

  • Increase in workplace satisfaction

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