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AMiable Solution #228: One, Two, Three: Click!

Direct Mail Marketing - sometimes your appeal doesn't work.

If a professional photographer walked in your front door today and offered to take three photos of your office or operations for free, what would you do?

Well, if you have any good sense, you would invite the photographer in and offer the generous person a cup of coffee. But then what? Where would you go?

Would you want pictures of your inventory? Rows and rows of shiny new contraptions. Boxes of bound matter, brimming with insight or intrigue. Freshly baked goodies or expertly prepared entrees.

Or would you want to showcase your equipment? The high-tech gizmo that processes information quicker than you can blink. The miniature gadget that saves big dollars. The simple tool that most people can’t live without.

Or maybe you’d want to photograph your people. The workers on the floor who make everything happen. The highly-regarded experts in the glass offices. The individuals performing the services or delivering the donations.

You most likely would choose the three things you’re most proud of, most excited about, or most looking forward to sharing with your market.

What does this all mean in the real world, one where free photographs don’t magically appear? It means that there are things going on around and near you worth sharing with your customers. Stories you can tell to members or donors. News to share in a press release, newsletter, or website.

Even when you think your marketing content reservoir is dry, you have something to say. And it starts with an image.

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