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AMiable Solution #242: Does Your Marketing Pack a Punch?

Does your market see your company the way you do?  You’ve stared at your logo and read your marketing collateral so many times that you think everyone must know about your company by now, right?  What if they don’t?  What if they see things that aren’t there or don’t see things that are?  First impressions are hard to change.  See why you should give your company a fresh-eyed glance

If you’ve had the pleasure of packing for a trip, then you know that the adventure doesn’t necessarily start when you arrive at your desired destination: it starts when you get out the suitcase. That’s right: the suitcase. Your packing style not only determines how much stuff you can stuff in your luggage, but it also influences how you’ll look--disheveled or polished--when you get to your destination.

The way you approach your page layouts has a similar effect on your audience. If you throw your content on the page haphazardly without much regard to the overall condition or appearance of your message, your audience will see nothing but a mess, a company too sloppy to work with.

But if you take the time to line up your content in neat stacks and columns, the result is clean. The lines are defined. The page is visually appealing.

Prefer to work with small spaces? People who roll their clothes when packing do. They appreciate compactness and efficiency. They understand that marketing doesn’t always have to appear as the big, bold mailer. Sometimes, a smaller, concise, more portable version of a pitch works well, too. You just have to know how to tighten up your copy.

The truth is, most marketers--like vacationers--don’t stick to just one style. They may create the slick lines of a carefully folded pair of pants, but toss in the eye-catching splash of an angled teaser or blurb. It may appear that they’ve created an overlapping tangle of mismatched gear when they’ve actually intertwined details or storylines into a deliberate, layered guide through the pitch.

No matter what your layout style preference, every new page you design gives you and your audience a vehicle for adventure. Where will your next marketing piece take you?

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