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AMiable Solution #297: Black Friday by the Numbers

Does your market see your company the way you do?  You’ve stared at your logo and read your marketing collateral so many times that you think everyone must know about your company by now, right?  What if they don’t?  What if they see things that aren’t there or don’t see things that are?  First impressions are hard to change.  See why you should give your company a fresh-eyed glance

When it comes to Black Friday shopping, you either do or you don’t. You love it, or you sleep in on Friday morning and marvel at all the crazy folks who leave the comfort of their cozy beds to save $20 on a waffle maker.

Black Friday isn’t for everyone.

But whether you’re a supporter or skeptic, there’s no denying the success of the occasion. And, although most deals apply to physical products and cater to consumers with gift-giving on their minds, there’s no reason why a B2B, service-based, or seasonal company can’t get in on the action, too.

Whether you opt to offer early-bird discounts for the booking of future services, specially bundled service packages, special “gifts” with every major transaction, or limited-time bonus products or services, keep the following statistics (as reported on in mind as you plan your leap into the Black Friday pool:

  • Black Friday 2017 raked in $7.9 billion in online sales: $5.03 billion on Thanksgiving Day and $2.87 billion on Black Friday. This spending level is up 17.9% from 2016. (Source: Adobe Analytics)

  • 174 million Americans shopped on Black Friday weekend 2017 (Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday) (Source: NRF)

  • .In 2017, 11% of Black Friday shoppers started shopping before 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Another 11% began at 6 p.m. Twenty-five percent more started at 10 a.m. or later on Black Friday itself. (Source: NRF)

  • Heading into Black Friday 2017, consumers said they were looking for deals on the following: Tablets/laptops/PCs/TVs (27%); clothing (24%); smart-home gadgets (15%); toys (15%); gift cards (11%); and travel (8%). (Source:

  • Amazon took 45.1% of all online transactions on Thanksgiving 2017 and 54.9% of all online transactions on Black Friday. (Source: Hitwise)

Inspired? You still have time to plan and implement an email and online campaign. Get going, and happy selling!

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