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AMiable Solution #315: How to Use Customer Testimonials

Testimonials, like rain, can bring life to new accounts and new offers. Sharing true words of praise from real-life customers helps your organization establish trust, build credibility, and offer a sense of security, especially online.

How can you make the most of this valuable resource?

1. Don’t be stingy. You earned that praise. Share it! If you’re communicating with your market, regardless of format, use the power of your customer testimonials to further the conversation and persuade your audience to act.

Your website, sales sheets, press releases, social media posts, email campaigns, direct mail packages, promotional handouts, order forms, quotes, spec sheets, business proposals, business cards, etc., all provide excellent opportunities to let your light shine.

2. Place them with purpose. Although a good word is a good word is a good word, a testimonial about a specific product or service makes a bigger impression when nestled with your offer about a similar product or service. Likewise, a testimonial from a small business owner will have more of an impact when used on a promotion geared at small business owners than it will for non-profits.

General testimonials, however, can be included just about anywhere, particularly where a range of customers and topics cross paths.

3. Make them easy to find. And not just for you. Keeping a running list of fantastic testimonials on your website is not only great for your prospects, but it’s also great for your sales reps and customer service reps who may need a good answer when a prospect asks, “why should I buy this.”

Where will you shower your testimonials?

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