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AMiable Solution #316: How to Give Your Marketing Credibility

By the time you’ve worked with customers once or twice, you can be fairly certain that they trust you. That they believe in you.

But convincing a prospect to take that first step is challenging. Doubts, skepticism, and fear often prevent a good fit from making the decision to work with you.

How you can prove you’re trustworthy and establish credibility with new audiences and markets?

1. Know your audience. Know what your prospects do, what they need, what they struggle with, what would help them. Sending a generic message that doesn’t acknowledge their particular interests and issues makes you look more interested in making a quick buck than in providing lasting solutions. Customize and personalize your offers to let prospects know you legitimately want to help them, not just make a sale.

2. Share your knowledge. You probably already do this with newsletters and blog posts. But any time you offer advice, share useful articles, or provide handy or insightful tips, you’re establishing yourself as a reliable expert and building trust, whether you do so through emails, online, in the mail, or in person.

3. Back up your claims. Statistics make great tools when it comes to the power of persuasion, whether in a product description or a blog post, as long as the information you’re claiming is true and comes from a credible source. Checking all your facts and citing your sources will not only make your statistics more powerful, but it will also make your company appear more credible.

Your new clients await. Go prove your worth.

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