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AMiable Solution #319: The Big Deadline

Right about now, Americans across the country are breathing a big sigh of relief. Tax Day has officially passed. While we realize that that doesn’t mean the work is all done (especially for accountants and auditors), it does mean that the majority of Americans have made it through to another year.

What big hurdle do your customers face?

What big deadline, project, or obstacle must they meet and achieve on a regular basis?

Knowing your market’s needs, concerns, and challenges is what makes your organization successful. Communicating solutions to their problems in a clear and timely fashion is what makes your marketing valuable.

Even if you don’t have the one big solution to your customers’ big project (but hopefully you do), you can still help guide them along the way with smaller solutions and guidance. Complimentary products or services, blogs, social media posts, and newsletters are great ways and places to provide useful, insightful information—including the following—that will not only help your customers achieve their goals, but also help build your relationship with them:

· Break the big task down into smaller chunks. Suggest courses of action or deadlines to accomplish each.

· Warn customers about common stumbling blocks or delay-makers and provide suggestions for overcoming them.

· Solicit advice and suggestions from your customers, which you can share. There’s nothing like a word of encouragement and success from someone who’s been there, done that.

You don’t have to have all the answers to your customers’ problems, but you can become a trusted resource for working through them.

What big problem can you help customers solve?

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