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AMiable Solution #330: Celebrating Freedom

One of the great things about our country is the freedom to do your own thing. To dress according to your own tastes and style. To listen to the music that appeals to you. To break from the standard, if you so choose.

And that extends into our marketing, too. While we all tend to study the marketing of successful companies, looking for patterns and formulas that we can apply to our own efforts, the truth is that we don’t have to or need to. We can pursue our Constitutionally-given American dreams any way we want, so long as they’re legal and moral.

And we have the struggles of a developing nation and the determination of a room full of men in 1776 Philadelphia to thank for that.

This week, even as we enjoy the pop and flash of the fireworks, the sizzle on the grill, and the company of family and friends, let’s take a moment to appreciate the freedoms we have in our professional lives, including

· Freedom to work where we want

· Freedom to express ourselves

· Freedom to create

· Freedom to invent

· Freedom to make a difference

Have a happy and safe July 4th, everyone. May freedom continue to ring for all.

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