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AMiable Solution #332: Making Customers Feel Safe

There’s an old, mile-long bridge that connects St. Louis, Missouri, to Madison, Illinois. For more than three decades, Chain of Rocks Bridge served travelers driving historic Route 66 and delighted them with beautiful views of the mighty Mississippi River.

That bridge closed in 1968 and sat abandoned for many years. Today, however, Chain of Rocks Bridge is open once again but to pedestrians and bicyclists looking to relive the glory of the old days.

Just don’t start on the Missouri side.

Once landscaped in a park-like setting with a pool and large, ornate toll booth, the Missouri side of today’s Chain of Rocks Bridge is closed due to severe issues with car vandalism. Visitors can still walk the entire length of the bridge: they’re just encouraged to do so beginning on the Illinois side.

Do your marketing efforts have a “Missouri” side, a strategy or campaign that scares people away or makes them feel vulnerable? Do your offers ever leave people feeling robbed?

If you find your marketing doesn’t always get the response you want, or if your department is leaning too heavily on the fear tactic, your audience may not feel safe with your company. You not only risk comprising the success of your campaigns, but also your relationships with current and prospective clients.

To make sure your customers feel safe with your marketing and your company at all times, ask yourself the following questions:

· Are you up front about all commitments and expenses in your offers, or do you try to “slip one by” your audience?

· Do you offer money-back guarantees, free trials, or refunds to show your customers that you stand behind your products/services?

· Do you respond promptly to customer questions and complaints?

· Do you assure customers of your quality by offering testimonials and ratings?

· Do you offer secure payment options?

Even loyal customers question their commitment to a company or product when they feel like their security is being compromised or the offers seem shady. Make every journey your customers take with you a pleasant and safe one.

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