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AMiable Solution #341: Repeat Your Message. We Say, Repeat Your Message.

Want to increase your response rate? Increase your marketing!

Want your marketing message to be heard? Say it. Then say it again. And again. And again.

In this month’s enewsletter, we talked about three ways to expand your sphere of influence and why it’s important. Now, we’d like to give you one more reason to break out of your marketing shell and expand the ways you reach and influence your market: the old “rule of 7.”

For years, the marketing industry has operated on the belief that it takes at least 7 touches—seven exposures to a marketing message—before the average client or prospect takes notice.

Seven times.

For those of us who still utilize direct mail and have budgets, remailing to a new list that didn’t do well the first time doesn’t make sense. But neither is giving up on that list entirely. After all, you carefully researched that list and chose it because you were convinced it was a good match for what you offer.

Most prospects, knowing nothing else about you or having never heard of you before, will need to hear your message over and over before taking action.

Let’s say that again. Most prospects need to hear you “speak” multiple times before they’ll “listen” and respond. The more they hear it, the more they’ll believe it. The more they see and hear your name, the more they’ll come to trust it.

Earn their attention and their trust—and ultimately their response—by reaching out to them in other ways, over and over again. Blog on our own site (and make sure your posts are SEO optimized). Write guest blogs. Regularly submit press releases to industry publications. Build your own list. Attend industry events. Do what you can to get your message where your prospects are.

And the rule of repetition works for our customers, too. Even though we get bored, saying the same things over and over, we’re building something recognizable and memorable in our customers’ heads. That way, when the time comes to purchase, they’ll make their move with us.

Want your marketing message to be heard? Say it. Then say it again. And again. And again.

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