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AMiable Solution #358: Is It Time to Redesign?

When was the last time your company redesigned its website? You may be due for one sooner than you think.

If you’re like many marketers, just staying on top of the seemingly endless demand for new online content is a challenge.

Are you ready for another one?

According to the Hook Agency, an SEO and web design company that polled 100 marketers and business owners in anticipation of 2020 marketing planning, you should also be redesigning your website.

Say what?

Yup. Among those polled, 36% said they believe a company’s website should be redesigned every three years. Twenty-six percent believe it should be done every two years. Every. Two. Years.

If those words strike fear into your soul, take heart. Although many marketing experts agree that every two to three years is the right time to redesign your site, not everyone thinks that timing makes sense.

An Arizona web design company, A Visual Identity, believes, instead, that you should redesign your website only “when the site no longer meets your company objectives or is not meeting its overall expectations.”

In other words, when your contact information or contact form is buried deep in your content…it might be time to redesign. When your users and customers start visiting your site from their mobile phones in increasing numbers…it might be time to redesign. When your business expands or your vision changes…it might be time to redesign.

Your changes don’t have to be drastic (and probably shouldn’t, if you want to retain brand recognition), and they don’t have to be done overnight. But they do have to be done if your website no longer does the job you need it to. Just be sure to do your research: know what works with your existing design. Back it up with data and research and analytics. See what your competitors are doing.

In the end, you should wind up with a site your users can easily navigate, search engines gravitate toward, and your market responds to. For the next two to three years, anyway.

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