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AMiable Solution #360: The Power of Red (and blue and white and green…)

When it comes to choosing colors for your marketing efforts, you know that what you use matters. Green is great for mature, professional, and eco-friendly products and brands. Blue exudes stability, tranquility, and peace. Red conveys power, strength, urgency, and love.

And while you may know that color choice is important, you may not completely realize just how important it is when it comes to reaching your ultimate goal.

According to Lindsay Kramer, a writer for 99designs, color not only helps determine whether or not your audience looks at your promotion, but also whether or not your prospects buy a product…or from you at all. In her article, Kramer reports that

· 85% of consumers cite color as the primary reason for choosing which products to buy

· up to 90% of impulse decisions about products are based solely on the products’ colors

· 42% of consumers form their opinions of websites based on the sites’ designs, with color contributing more to their opinions than any other factor

· 52% of the time, poor color choice and other inferior design choices send users off a website, never to return

Want more proof? The color experts at Colorcom add that ads in color are read up to 42% more often than the same ads in black and white, and color can improve readership by 40%, learning from 55 to 78%, and comprehension by 73%.

Before you choose the color for your next promotion, web page, or package based simply on the season, consider the emotional impact it will have on your audience. Your decision could make a bigger difference than your words.

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