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AMiable Solution #370: Getting Personal, Part 2

Personalization is all about getting into the fine details of your customer’s profile.

Personalization in marketing makes a world of difference in your results, and not just, as we discussed in our last blog, because it makes your customers feel like individuals instead of a “mass.” It works because it also improves your customers’ experience.

We hear a good deal about “customer experience,” but what exactly is it, and why is it so important?

Customer experience, in a nutshell, is the overall impression you make on a customer during the buying and selling process. Customer experience determines whether or not your prospect or customer makes a purchase, makes future purchases, and shares his/her experience—good or bad—with others.

It sets the tone for your relationship with customers and directs your course of action.

It dictates how and how often you communicate with customers.

It reflects how promptly, courteously, and satisfactorily you respond to inquiries, complaints, and suggestions.

It shapes your content.

It exposes your company’s willingness and ability to see its products and services through a customer’s eyes, not its own.

It puts your company’s mission, community involvement, and commitment to social or environmental issues on full display.

It, as we often hear, engages customers based on their unique needs and interests and displays a company’s desire to develop, build, and maintain relationships that feel beneficial to both parties.

Good customer experiences mean happy customers who will not only come back for more, but will also advocate for your company.

Personalizing your marketing—getting rid of blanket greetings and one-size-fits-all promotions—enhances your customers’ experience.

And yours.

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