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AMiable Solution #371: Be Touchable

When you can’t shake hands with a client, meet over lunch, or even exchange smiles in a showroom, how can you connect with customers? Find out how to reach out to your market in a safe but personal way.

In a world that’s increasingly touch-less, giving your clients a promise they can touch could mean the world to them.

Fortunately, just as relationships used to be built on the old-fashioned practice of letter writing, relationships with donors and clients can be built through the mail.

Even in an age of online ordering, electronic forms, remote check-ins and meetings, and video marketing, print marketing remains an affordable and profitable way to put offers in the hands of customers. Flyers, postcards, catalogs, renewal notices, letter packages—they all give prospects and customers something real they can look at, set aside, and go back to: something they can touch and know their needs are being thought of, especially when the material is personalized.

But can print marketing really compete? You bet it can. In 2015, the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) worked with Temple University’s Center for Neural Decision Making to study the “differing response to physical and digital media in the consumer buying process.”

What they found is that participants processed digital ad content quicker, but they spent more time with physical ads, had a stronger emotional response to physical ads, and remembered physical ads better than digital ads.

Fortunately, your print run doesn’t have to be big to be effective. Whether you choose to roll out a large, offset-printed campaign or opt for a smaller, print-on-demand piece, your offer just has to be on target. It has to address a problem you know your customers have—thanks to information you already know—and provide solutions you know they can use.

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