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AMiable Solution #388: Make a List and Check It…Frequently

Santa’s not the only one who needs to keep an accurate list.

Every aspect of your mailpiece is arguably the most important. Without good design, your prospects may never open the envelope or break that wafer seal. Without good copy, your prospects won’t be moved to act. And without a good list, you’ll never reach your best audience and get the return you could.

What makes a list good? A good list includes deliverable, USPS-verified addresses. It has standardized formatting. It eliminates incomplete, inactive, invalid, and duplicate addresses. And it removes addresses of people who have opted out of your mailings.

Your house list is one of your most precious resources: it holds the names and addresses of people who have bought or supported you in the past, and it includes the contact information of people who were interested enough in what you do to reach out to find out more. But if you don’t maintain it properly and regularly, you risk forgoing the immense benefits of list hygiene:

· Keeping a clean house list saves you money and improves your response rate. After all, you’d be mailing to targeted, accurate addresses.

· Keeping a clean list also improves your reputation. We all know companies that still send multiple mailings a year to old occupants of a business or home address, and frankly, we’re not impressed.

· The Post Office rewards companies who use clean, updated mailing lists. It doesn’t want to deal with undeliverable or returned mail pieces any more than you do. That’s why the USPS offers postage discounts for mailings prepared with tools like the National Change of Address File (NCOA) and the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS).

Although it may feel like a chore, maintaining proper list hygiene lowers the number of "nixie" records—incorrect or undeliverable records—and increases the bang for your marketing buck. And that really adds up.

Do you need help with this important task? Call us at 703-370-0382

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