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AMiable Solution #395: Hook ‘Em Big with Small Offers

It doesn’t always take big, shiny objects to draw in clients and prospects.

Companies do this, too. When prospecting for new business, they tend to offer up their best products or services first—to make a good first impression, and to showcase the extent of their influence, impact, or expertise.

One local plumbing and electrical company, however, seems to be taking a slightly different approach, and we can’t help but admire it.

My Plumber Plus, which serves northern Virginia and suburban Maryland, is currently running a television ad. It doesn’t highlight the company’s extensive experience in installing new generators, which can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $6,000. The ad also doesn’t promote the benefits of installing a sump pump, which can run homeowners in the many hundreds of dollars. Instead, the ad offers an electrical safety check. For $49.

While many homeowners (including us) cringe at the thought of having to pay big bucks to fix any number of major problems that can arise—faulty wiring, burst pipes, broken water heaters, and more—probably few of us think about hiring a professional for smaller jobs. Leading with three simple questions, “Do you have faulty switches? Flickering lights? Buzzing electrical outlets?,” the My Plumber Plus ad seems to want to remind residents that they’re there to help, and it doesn’t have to cost much.

Who knew that professional peace of mind could cost so little?

Promoting an affordable and practical service—that addresses common questions and concerns and identifies or prevents potential problems—not only promises answers to specific questions, but it also gives your prospects and clients an opportunity to “test drive” what you do. Without a big commitment. Without a big risk.

Your organization may not fix faucets or repair electrical outlets, but if you offer your clients or prospects ways to evaluate their needs and prevent future issues, the effort could net you big wins.

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