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AMiable Solution #413: One Task You Should Do Multiple Times a Day

Is something missing from your to-do list?

Responding to voice mail messages, emails, and social media comments from customers can be a drag. We get it. Sometimes, in the busyness of the day and the pressures to get tasks done and sales in, taking the time to return calls, inquiries, comments, and complaints is the last thing you want to do.

But it’s actually the one task you should be doing multiple times a day, all day long.

Why? Email, text, and social media have given us the opportunity to reach customers and prospects RIGHT NOW. We can offer last-minute deals on events. We can request feedback on timely issues. We can share key information in a matter of minutes. And that’s great for us.

But it’s great for buyers, too. Customers want quick answers. They want instant access to deals and information and people who can help them solve their problems. And when their communications go unanswered—even if for a short while—they don’t feel heard, they don’t feel appreciated, and they don’t feel any loyalty to the companies blowing them off.

Jayson DeMers, CEO of EmailAnalytics, collected 77 important customer service statistics in his article, aptly named “77 Customer Service Statistics to Know.” The most terrifying for marketers? Read on:

· 90% of customers want an immediate response, and 60% of customers define “immediate” as 10 minutes or less

· 12% of Americans cite their top frustration as low speed

· 79% of people who complained about poor customer service were ignored

· 50% of shoppers believe their feedback is essentially meaningless

· 40% of customers wish their concerns were addressed faster

Responding promptly to customers—no matter what format they choose—is imperative to creating a great customer service experience that will not only have people coming back for more, but that will also have them sharing their positive experiences with family and friends.

If the thought of checking emails, voice mails, and social media comments multiple times a day overwhelms you, try splitting up the tasks, distributing the duties among your customer service and marketing teams. Or, build it into your daily schedule, like a staff meeting. Whatever you have to do to keep a pulse on customer communication, do it.

The added benefit of including more members of the team in this task? They’ll become better workers. According to DeMers, “companies that invest in customer experience also increase employee engagement by 20 percent.”

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