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AMiable Solution #416: Free to Be

This weekend, we’re celebrating more than just burgers and dogs. We’re proud to be in the land of the free.

Every July 4 we celebrate the anniversary of our nationhood, the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

On this date, we remember and rejoice in our freedom to be who and what we want. The freedom to say what’s on our minds. The freedom to practice—or not—the religion of our choice. The freedom to live and move and wander and explore the country without fear or restriction.

We also celebrate the freedom to pursue our dreams.

No matter where you work, we hope you’re living your dream, no matter what that looks like:

· Marketer

· Graphic designer

· Executive

· Sales person

· Customer service rep

· Admin team

· Research crew

· Mail department

· Shipping team

· Warehouse worker

· Packer

· Inspector

· Event planner

· Travel coordinator

· Training specialist

· Tester

· Inventor

· Fundraiser

· And more

This 4th of July weekend, we wish you a relaxing, friend- and family-filled time, but we also wish you much success in your pursuit of happiness.

May God bless America.

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