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AMiable Solution #425: Are Gate Folds Worth the Money?

Gate folds brochures: you don’t see too many. Is it because they’re ineffective or just plain expensive?

One of the first decisions any direct-mail or print marketer has to make when designing a multi-page flyer is the fold: how many, and where?

Why is the fold so important? Not only does it help you organize and present your information, but it also dictates how your customers navigate that information and discover your product or service.

The most common folds include a bi-fold (a single sheet of paper, folded in half, book-style, providing four equal panels), a tri-fold (a single sheet of paper folded in thirds, providing six equal panels, with the left and right panels folding over the middle one), a Z fold (similar to a tri-fold, but folded like an accordion or “Z”) and a gate fold (a single sheet of paper folded similarly to a tri-fold, creating six panels, however the left and right panels are half the size of the middle panel and meet in the middle when folded instead of overlapping).

The gate fold tends to be a slightly less popular (and more expensive) option, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked in your planning and strategizing. Unlike its counterparts, the gate fold has a few advantages:

· Because it is used less often than the other folds, brochures with gate folds stand out. They create interest and intrigue customers.

· The wide, inner panel provides more space for large graphics or visual-heavy designs than the narrower panels of the other folds. They’re great for displaying detailed or wide images.

· The double-paneled opening allows for dramatic presentations and reveals. Who doesn’t love looking behind the “door” and seeing what’s inside?

· They enable you to provide significant amounts of corporate or marketing information on a single sheet of paper.

The most common sizes for gate fold brochures are 8.5’’ x 5.5’’ folded (opens to 8.5” x 11”), 8.5” x 7” folded (opens to 8.5” x 14”), and 11” x 12.5” (opens to 11” x 25”), but you can discuss all your options with your printer.

Where can you lead your customers with a gate fold?

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