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AMiable Solution #432: Give Your Cause a Face Lift

If you’re hoping to end the year with strong donations to your cause, see this for a powerful way to improve response.

Consumers love giving to charitable causes in December. In fact, approximately 31% of donations are made in the last month of the year alone, and 12% are made in the last three days of the year.

How can your non-profit organization or your company’s charitable giving program make the most of this giving season?

Make it personal.

You can encourage giving and lift donations by giving your cause a face, a story about an individual that speaks to your donors’ hearts. Appealing to their emotions and “showing” not “telling” how their donations change peoples’ lives is far more effective than simply listing facts and figures.

To start, your campaign should focus on a recipient—an individual—with a story that is both memorable and relatable. Donors need to feel empathy toward your subject but also wonder, in the back of their minds, “Could this happen to me? Could this happen to someone I love?” Use details and high-quality pictures to support your story.

Your story must also clearly present your subject’s needs and struggles. Think universal and broad-reaching. Think about how not only the individual in your story is affected, but also how that individual’s family and community are affected.

Finally, end with a strong call-to-action and show how your donors’ help eases your recipients’ obstacles and fulfills their needs.

Don’t forget about your readers. You can make them part of the story and draw them into the story simply by using the word “you.” Your readers will feel more involved in your project and more inclined to support your cause.

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