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AMiable Solution #436: Creating Traditions in Marketing

Now that the year’s biggest holiday season is over, you may think your marketing is back to regular business, but it doesn’t have to be so.

When it comes to the holidays, we all have our favorite traditions. Whether it’s chowing down on a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day, watching the local soapbox derby on July 4th, or attending a town tree lighting at Christmas, there are certain activities and times of the year that we—and marketers—look forward to.

And while most businesses plan sales and special events around major holidays and seasonal changes, you don’t have to limit your marketing activities to the well-known traditions. In fact, you stand a better chance of standing out and making an impact if you create your own.

What’s the benefit of starting new traditions that you can share with your customers and target audience?

· Traditions create a sense of belonging in a community

· Traditions offers a chance for companies and organizations to connect with people in a more personal, pressure-free way

· Traditions create memories, expectations, and anticipation

· Traditions help set you apart from your competition

For your organization to create new traditions that resonate with customers, you have to make them meaningful, and you have to make them yours.

For example, if your non-profit focuses on helping people in another country, consider adopting unique holidays from that country into your own business’s activities. Sharing information about these holidays and showing customers how your employees are honoring those traditions not only helps your donors feel more connected to the people and the culture you’re supporting, but it also helps them feel more connected with your organization. It’s unique and particularly meaningful. Or…

Is there a particular time of year that gives your clients problems or challenges? How about tax season? If your company provides tax services, why not give the stressful task a positive spin? Make it a tradition for your clients to share with you photos of THEIR employees happily NOT preparing taxes or silly photos of YOUR employees happily celebrating the end of tax season. Or…

Instead of just using a lesser-known “national day of” as filler on your social media page, embrace the holiday and really commit to it. National Cheese Pizza Day? Celebrate it by creating an annual contest around it. The winner gets free lunch (pizza, of course) for the office. Or…

Does your business pride itself of being green? Celebrate Earth Day by challenging customers to an annual contest. Whoever can come up with the most creative way to reuse materials wins. Or…

Is there a big event or big day that occurs regularly in your company’s operations? Let customers in on it and “invite” them to celebrate or experience it with you. Or…

Does your company specialize in seasonal services? Make it a tradition to poll your employees for their favorite family recipes and share them with your clients.

Whatever you choose to celebrate, make sure your traditions somehow benefit to your clients, even if that means just a good laugh. Your tradition should help you connect with your donors or clients, create memorable interactions, inspire anticipation, and develop relationships.

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