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AMiable Solution #438: What’s Your Clocky?

Are your customers overlooking some of your most valuable products? Are you? See this blog, for one product’s amazing, but simple, leap to glory.

My friend, Janet, has a 9-year-old daughter, Julie. Julie does not like mornings. She is not pleasant to wake up for school. Once her mother begins trying to get her out of bed, it typically takes 20 minutes, multiple visits to her room, and dozens of words—ranging from silly and encouraging to naggish and frustrated—to get Julie up and moving. But then came Clocky.

Clocky changed everything.

Made for deep sleepers, those who “abuse the snooze,” and people like Julie who are just plain difficult to get moving in the morning, this unique alarm clock on wheels not only emits a loud R2D2-ish sound, but it also moves.

You read that right. The clock moves.

Capable of “jumping” off of a surface up to three feet off the ground, Clocky rolls, moves, and “hides,” making it more difficult to turn off than a typical “snooze” button.

In my friend’s house, it’s been nothing short of a miracle worker. Since Christmas, when Janet and her husband gifted Clocky to Julie, mornings have improved drastically. Within three minutes of Clocky hitting the floor, Julie is up, dressed, and in the hallway. She is pleasant. She is alert. She is moving.

One morning, Julie forgot to set the alarm, and Janet had to wake Julie up. They made that mistake just once. Julie was incredibly grumpy and slow to wake and get ready. The next day, with Clocky’s help, Julie was up and rolling again in minutes of the alarm going off.

See, Clocky fulfills an important, albeit minor, need: it gets people out of bed. But that has ripple effects. Instead of everyone starting the day grouchy and late, Janet and her kids (she also has a son in middle school) are not only enjoying their mornings now, but they’re also getting to school EARLY thanks to a crazy little clock on wheels.

You may not realize it, but the most important products or services you sell may not be your biggest, most expensive, most technologically advanced, or flashiest. It may be the one that makes someone’s life just a little easier or makes a difficult, mundane task more bearable. If you haven’t shown the spotlight on some of your “lesser” products, now may be the time to revisit them and see what customers have to say about them. You might just be surprised by how important they are to someone. So…

What’s your Clocky?

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