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AMiable Solution #462: Removing Doubts, Building Trust

No matter how carefully you craft your message, you’re bound to encounter at least one skeptical recipient. Turn those doubts into trust

We try so hard to win prospective donors, buyers, and members over with our words. We highlight the benefits of our offers, painting beautiful pictures of successful, happy people, and detail the clever and well-designed features of our unique and practical products.

But sometimes it’s what we’re not addressing that readers want, that will determine whether or not they do business with us.

For example, does your competition offer similar services for a lower price? You could completely ignore that fact and focus your attention on what makes your product so great, OR..

You can address that concern head-on. Acknowledge that your pricing is higher but then explain why. Explain what customers will get with the extra money spent. Maybe it’s more experience and better research. Maybe it’s higher-quality materials. Maybe it’s a money-back guarantee or lifetime service plan or award-winning customer service. Whatever it is, explaining why your price is higher will validate not only their concerns but your offer.

Maybe, however, the problem isn’t price. Maybe your prospects just need more information. Maybe they’re on the edge and just need a little push. So, if a well-written email gets them interested, then an infographic might spur them into action. If an online video makes them want to learn more, then a page of testimonials could convert them to buyers.

Turning skeptics into believers doesn’t take a miracle. It just takes a little honesty and patience.

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