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AMiable Solution #463: Be a Gasp in the Holiday Noise

Want to take your customers’ breath away this holiday season? See this blog for five flawless tips to better holiday marketing.

‘Tis the season when both for-profit and non-profit organizations ramp up their marketing efforts to make end-of-year goals and get in on consumers’ holiday needs and goodwill. Mailboxes get fuller. In-boxes become inundated. Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

How can you compete with so much activity? How do you get your print marketing to stand out and be seen?

You go big.

Oversized mail, by its sheer physical presence, commands attention among the smaller standard-sized postcards and envelope mailings. They say, “look at me,” and give your organization the much-needed advantage of creating interest.

How do you make the most of your oversized holiday mail? Keep the following five guidelines in mind:

  • Keep it simple and focused. It’s tempting, especially if you’re splurging for extra rental lists or opting for better-quality paper or printing options, to try to get the most “bang” for your buck and cram as much information into your message as possible. Don’t. Doing so only dilutes your message, confuses your audience, and reduces the odds of your readers responding the way you want them to. Instead, identify the goal of your mailpiece and use that goal to drive your audience toward one specific, desired next step (visit personalize URL, call, register online, etc.)

  • Think “merry” and “bright.” Curiosity about content draws readers into direct mail letters, but stunning images, bright colors, and clear headlines draw recipients’ eyes on a postcard. Design a layout so amazing your market can’t help but want to examine it further.

  • Say something new. Throwing a string of garland on an existing campaign won’t be as effective or as exciting as creating a unique, holiday-specific message.

  • Focus on your offer and make it worthwhile. Your audience is looking for an amazing deal. Give it one.

  • Clean your list first. Wasting money on undeliverables is never a good idea. Doing it at the end of the year, when your marketing appeals are likely more frequent or inclusive, is even worse.

Standing out in the crowd this season is possible. So go ahead: take their breath away with oversized mailers.

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