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AMiable Solution #464: KISS 2022 Goodbye

End-of-year reports stressing you out? Find out how to send the old year off on a positive note.

Whether you work for a for-profit or a non-profit organization, you probably measure success in the same way: by the numbers. Number of dollars made. Number of products sold. Number of new customers acquired. Number of donors who contributed. Number of needs met.

While those types of numbers are vital to keeping an organization profitable and productive, they’re not the only ways to judge success. Finding other victories is particularly important if the almighty numbers aren’t what you were hoping for.

So, as you enter the last few weeks of 2022 and look back on the year’s activities, try to send it off with a bare-bones appreciation of what you’ve accomplished. Send it off with a KISS. In other words, keep your analysis (at least a part of it) simple, sweetie. Here’s how:

  • Keep things in perspective. Even if you haven’t had the year you were hoping for or expecting, if your doors are still open, take the win. Not every business is so lucky.

  • Check your attitude. Actually, check the attitudes of everyone in your office. Is the tone one of overall satisfaction or discontent? Did you have higher than usual turnover this year, or did you celebrate employees with impressive longevity and milestones? Is your office one that employees look forward to being in or dread entering? Your ability to acquire and keep customers depends largely on your employees. Make sure they’re happy and have your organization’s back.

  • Savor the victories. Okay, so you really can’t truly appreciate your success without including numbers, but you can make sure you’re not focusing on numbers alone. For example, instead of concentrating on the 35% that you increased your social media interactions by, identify and celebrate the brilliant strategies or campaigns that made the increase possible.

The end of a year can be a little stressful, but taking the time to appreciate the good stuff can not only get you in the right mindset to start a new year, but it can also give you the tools and insight you need to make 2023 a hit.

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