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AMiable Solution #466: The Only Resolution You Need

You can find all kinds of lists, advising you on the top strategies, a.k.a. resolutions, you should be making for 2023, but we’ll give you only one.

Maybe you’ve already read some of them: lists recommending resolutions for the new year. Truthfully, they run the gamut:

  • Mine your data

  • Integrate your marketing

  • Increase your personalization

  • Test more

  • Broaden your definition of content marketing

  • Increase customer loyalty

  • Strengthen your cybersecurity

  • Embrace the latest technology

While these are all worthwhile and worthy goals to pursue, we know that not every resolution is feasible or practical for every organization or industry...except one: treat your customers the way you want to be treated.

We’ll say that again: in 2023, you should strive, in every activity you engage in, to treat your customers the way that you, yourself, would want to be treated.

If you–as a customer–were in your company’s phone queue with your customer service, would you wait as long as you expect your customers to? If you’ve ever been on hold and heard an automated voice tell you, “You are the twelfth person in line. Please hold for the next available representative,” then you know how frustrating slow service can be. If that’s your company, maybe 2023 is the time to expand your customer service department.

Similarly, as a customer, do you appreciate receiving three emails from the same company in one week, or do you get annoyed and hit “delete” before you even open the message? Sometimes sitting on the other side of the marketing campaign helps us gain perspective and appreciate our customers’ experiences, good and bad. Knowing your tolerance level and the level of your customers’ can help you better gauge the frequency of your mailings and emails.

When you walk a mile in your customers’ shoes, you may find that you feel a little differently about your big marketing plans. Or, you may realize you’ve got it just right. Either way, putting your customers’ feelings and responses above all helps you see your clients for what they are: precious resources.

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