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Solution #318: 3 Rules of Postcard Mailing

You’ve received them. You’ve designed them. You’ve mailed them. Postcards.

Why? Postcards provide one of the most economical forms of direct mail marketing. They require the least amount of copy and layout, making them the quickest direct mail piece to create and drop. And exposure? Recipients don’t need to rip through any envelopes or get past any barriers to see your message.

And yet it’s their limited space and instant readability that make designing and creating postcards challenging.

Maximize your prospect’s time, your costs, and your campaign’s exposure by keeping the following three rules of postcards in mind:

1. Your graphics must be emotionally compelling. Move your recipients to react. Compel them to read your offer. Capture your audience’s attention with a great image that conveys your message and supports your text. Photos or images that make your recipients smile, “ooh,” “aah,” and want to know more will draw them into the copy and your call-to-action. If you can, enhance the “graphics” side of your postcard with complimentary images on the “mailing” side of your postcard.

2. Have a clear focus. Postcards don’t give you much space. Know what your postcard’s purpose is—promote a sale, invite prospects to an event, provide limited-time coupons, etc.—and write all copy with that purpose in mind. Be precise. Communicate your main message with a clear, bold headline. You don’t have much space to deliver your message, so keep it short and clear. Avoid large blocks of text, and keep all text large enough and dark enough to easily read.

3. Be specific in your call-to-action. Once you’ve captured your market’s attention with great graphics and won them over with brief but convincing copy, tell your readers specifically what you’d like them to do next. Want an RSVP by a certain date? Tell them what phone number to call or which email to use. Want buyers to pre-order an upcoming product? Provide a designated, but short and simple, URL. Want customers to visit your store and use your supplied coupons? Encourage on-site shopping by emphasizing the expiration date.

You have only a brief amount of time to convince a recipient to read your mail. Postcards give you the advantage of full exposure. Use it to your benefit.

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