We pride ourselves on strict electronic inventory control, high quality, and fast turnaround to get your job done accurately and on time. AMi mailing services include:


  • Automated Inserting                     

     (up to 10"  by 13")

  • Match Mailings

  • Metering

  • Live Stamping

  • Folding/Bursting

  • Document Converting

  • Tabbing

  • Customized Hand Assembly

  • Post-it Note Affixing

  • Poly-Bagging

  • Shrink Wrapping

  • Inkjet Addressing

  • Simplex Printing

  • Duplex Printing

  • Material Management

  • On-site USPS Mail Unit and Postal Representative

  • Commingle, Co-palletization, Drop Shipping, and Logistic Services 

AMi will work with you to implement cost-effective personalization techniques and carefully monitor print quality to uphold your organization's image.  Together, we'll choose the right services for your project:

  • Laser Printing, including Black and
    Color Variable Digital Printing

  • Inkjet Printing/Addressing

  • Gender/Geo Coding

  • Merge Purge  / Deduplication Service

  • Specific Programming & Matching

With our premium, product, and literature fulfillment services, we guarantee that your orders of any size will be efficiently assembled, securely packed, and economically shipped.  Our fulfillment services include:

  • Order Processing and Pick, Pack, and Ship

  • Premium, Product, and        

     Literature Fulfillment

  • Custom Kit Assembly

  • Specialty Assembly

  • Inventory Control and Management

  • Package Tracking

  • Modern and Secure Warehouse