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AMiable Solution #244: On second thought…

One of the greatest benefits of marketing with e-mails is how quickly you can produce and distribute them. Need a quick, end-of-month financial boost? A well-crafted email can help. Want instant feedback on a new strategy or price point? E-mail can help. Looking to provide clients and prospects with valuable information for free? E-mail can help.

Problems arise, however, when e-mails are produced and distributed too quickly and mistakes are made. Before you launch your next marketing e-mail, check the following:

□ Does your promotion focus on one product or service?

□ Is your subject line less than 40 characters?

□ Does your subject line communicate your primary message?

□ Is your landing page to the point, easy to use, and promotion specific?

□ Does the body of your e-mail focus on the customer’s needs, not on your company?

□ Is your offer and call-to-action visible in the screen upon opening?

□ Does the body of your e-mail include your address and an unsubscribe link?

□ Is your e-mail list up-to-date? Have all subscribers who opted out been removed from the list?

□ Have you sent a test e-mail to check delivery and appearance?

□ Have you tested all of the links in your e-mail to make sure they’re working?

If you can answer “yes” to all of these questions, you can send your promotion with more confidence.

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