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AMiable Solution #273: Circling the Wagons

Does your market see your company the way you do?  You’ve stared at your logo and read your marketing collateral so many times that you think everyone must know about your company by now, right?  What if they don’t?  What if they see things that aren’t there or don’t see things that are?  First impressions are hard to change.  See why you should give your company a fresh-eyed glance

We often think of “circling the wagons” in relation to defending against competitors, against outside threats.

But sometimes the danger comes from inside. Poor communication. Inter-department discord. Favoritism. Office gossip. Lack of positive feedback.

Head off any potential trouble by circling your wagon now and protecting your group. Here are three ways how:

  • Consider others’ perspectives. Look at situations or problems from someone else’s point of view, and respond well to observations and suggestions of others. No one wants to be left out of the loop, and no one wants to feel as if their opinions and expertise don’t matter.

  • Clearly communicate business strategies and objectives. When your workers are not working from the same assumptions and toward the same goals, conflict can and eventually will arise. Make sure your plans and expectations are clearly articulated, written out, and shared so that everyone is working in the same direction.

  • Check attitudes. In her May12, 2016, blog post, “10 Mistakes Managers Make That Destroy Work Culture,” Sabrina Son says that for a company or an office to be productive and effective, there has to be a general sense that people get along and respect one another. Even one negative, poor, or disruptive worker can have a big impact. “Take the time to hire the right people,” Son says. “Doing so will make sure that not only your customers are properly cared for, but that your entire team will be more comfortable and settled.”

What negative forces threaten your employees’ well-being?

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