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AMiable Solution #293: Why We Love to Get Direct Mail

Does your market see your company the way you do?  You’ve stared at your logo and read your marketing collateral so many times that you think everyone must know about your company by now, right?  What if they don’t?  What if they see things that aren’t there or don’t see things that are?  First impressions are hard to change.  See why you should give your company a fresh-eyed glance

You know all the big reasons for including direct mail in your marketing plans: it’s personal, measurable, tangible, and versatile. That’s why marketers like to send it.

But why do consumers—why do we—like to receive it?

Sure, some of those same answers apply—we like to see messages written specifically for us, and we like to be able to hold and study an actual piece of paper versus a screen—but there are other reasons, too:

  • We like coupons and deals. Yes, you were going to cook that chicken on the grill tonight, but that pizza joint down the street is offering a great discount on carry-out, so…

  • We like to see what’s going on in our communities. Mailers from local businesses just make us feel more involved in our surroundings.

  • Sometimes direct mail is just really nice to look at. Even if you have no plans to book a cruise this year, gorgeous pictures of some tropical destination sure make a nice distraction after a rough commute.

  • Even “junk mail” is more fun than bills. You may not need to schedule an oil change anytime soon, but you’re more likely to scan a postcard promoting those services than dive into your electric bill, right?

  • Direct mail is better than no mail. Somehow, opening your mailbox and finding absolutely nothing feels a little like a rejection. Whether you like to receive ads in the mail or not, knowing that someone wants your attention still feels pretty good.

What does this mean for your marketing?

It means keep doing what you’re doing: direct mail continues to be a very effective way to market.

It means don’t forget what your customers’ goals are when they pick up a piece of mail: give them what they’re looking for.

It means the more you understand both sides of the story, the better ending it will have.

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