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AMiable Solution #298: Winner, Winner Turkey Dinner

If your family is into traditions, there’s a good chance you’ll be engaging in one this weekend that involves a favorite food item and a minor wrestling match.

No, we’re not talking about Aunt Edna and Uncle Tom fighting over the last piece of pumpkin pie. We’re talking about the great breaking of the turkey’s “wishbone.” In case you haven’t made a wish on a piece of dead fowl in a while, or in case you’ve never heard of this crazy tradition, let us give you the run-down.

Back in ancient Roman times, Romans believed that chickens were oracles that could predict the future. Preserving the animal’s clavicle—its collar bone—after consumption meant that the preserver would have access to the bird’s mystical powers. Well, it turns out that there were more people than chickens in those days, so the practice turned into a competitive tug-of-war: whoever got the bigger half of the sacred bird’s bone won his/her wish.

Luckily, today’s marketers don’t need to break any bones to access special power. They only need a trusty computer, a good team, smart data, and social media.

Whatever activities your family engages in this weekend, we hope they’re safe, fun, and enjoyable.

Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving. May all of your personal and professional wishes come true.

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