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AMiable Solution #353: 20 Ways to Win in 2020, Numbers 8-10

Natural-born procrastinators.

Winning feels good. It gives us a sense of achievement, especially if the battle involves big obstacles, particularly powerful adversaries, or seemingly insurmountable challenges.

But to get to that point, to get over those big hurdles and break through those barriers, we have to Make Better Decisions, and that’s where strategies number 8-10 in our list of “20 ways to win in 2020” come in:

10: Set deadlines. Some of us are natural-born procrastinators. Others procrastinate because of circumstances and overwhelmed schedules. Regardless of which camp you find yourself in, set a deadline for your decision-making and hold yourself—or have others hold you—accountable. Doing so will force you to prioritize your tasks, focus on the issue at hand, and deliver a quality decision.

9: Seek input from others. Present the problem or situation to others and ask for their advice or insight—before sharing your ideas. You’re more likely to get honest and original answers that way, not just someone agreeing with your opinion. Seeking input from colleagues, clients, and business partners opens up your options and gives you confidence in your decisions. And if your first plan doesn’t work, already knowing what your other options are gives you an instant plan B.

8: Take an Appropriate Amount of Time. While you don’t want to waste weeks on every decision you make, you also don’t want to blow through them with reckless abandon. So how do you know how much time to spend on each decision (and, subsequently, when to set your deadlines)? According to financial guru Dave Ramsey, the size of your decision depends on three things:

· The amount of money involved

· The amount of time involved as the result of the decision

· The number of people involved

Ramsey says, “The more of the above, the more you should reflect on your decision. What about the small choices? Those decisions should be almost instantaneous. Don’t waste time on the inconsequential.”

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