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AMiable Solution #378: Keys to Marketing Services

The main difference between products and services is the “unseen,” the intangible benefits buyers receive from using a service. So how do you convince someone to buy something they can’t see?

Products have the advantage of being physical, tangible things. They can be photographed, demonstrated, handled, and displayed. Potential buyers can more easily understand the value of a product and determine whether or not they need it.

Services, however, require more. They require a certain level of trust. For example, a lawn company may show pictures of a lush, green, weed-free lawn, but how do you know that you’ll get the same results? How do you know that the services will be applied as carefully and faithfully on your lawn? The answer is, you don’t. But if you believe in the service and, more importantly, in the people providing the service, you’re more likely to take a chance on it.

How can you get prospects to take a chance on your service? Try implementing the following practices:

1. Earn trust. Like with any relationship, you earn trust by keeping your word, being responsive, and doing what you say you’ll do when you say you’ll do it.

2. Provide superior customer service. Your personnel will provide your customers with an experience. From answering inquiries to explaining services to customizing plans, your representatives will give either give your prospects and customers confidence or send them running to your competitors.

3. Prioritize collecting and sharing testimonials. Let your satisfied customers validate your claims.

4. Prove the quality of your services with detailed content. Substance matters!

5. Establish your expertise. Show your customers that you know your stuff, and offer free tips and advice.

6. Maintain professionalism—online and on-site. Think cleanliness, manners, ease-of-use, and other common courtesies.

7. Standardize your processes and your delivery system to establish reliability and consistency.

8. Listen to your customers and provide a customized response based on individual needs and concerns.

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