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AMiable Solution #389: Aligning the Stars (or Planets) for Good

The year is quickly coming to a close how to end it well.

On December 21, we’ll experience the shortest day (in terms of daylight) of the year in what’s felt like the longest year of the decade. But, it will come with a gift.

After working their way toward each other for weeks, Jupiter and Saturn will align themselves so closely to one another that they’ll look—to the naked eye—like one large planet. This hasn’t happened since 1623.

What’s that mean for you? Other than the possibility of seeing an amazing sight shortly after sunset, it means that even on the darkest of nights, your “stars” (or planets, in this case), can line up. You can end what may have been a rough year on you and your co-workers on a bright note.


1. Chart your wins. This idea comes from Jessica Daniels, CEO of Success Collective, who encouraged Colorado Springs, CO, news viewers to write down things they accomplished this year, celebrate them, and put a list of them where everyone can see them, even if those “wins” are something as simple as drinking more water. While Daniels was referring to personal successes, we think this strategy works for businesses, too. Was your business deemed essential this year? Mark it as a win. Were you able to maintain your full staff? Mark it as a win. Did you hire additional personnel or meet financial and management goals this year? Give yourself extra marks for those. Nearly everyone struggled this year. Acknowledging the “ups” you experienced can help you feel better about the year and give you perspective.

2. Express your gratitude. You didn’t get those wins on your own. Thanking the customers or members who stuck with you this year, the partners that trudged on with you, and the employees who remained dedicated to your company’s work is crucial in any year but especially so in this one. It’s not only the right thing to do, but also a wise one: expressing your gratitude increases loyalty among your customers and your employees.

3. Serve others. This idea also comes from Daniels, and we couldn’t agree more. Your company may not have been able to donate to causes or support local organizations this year like it has in the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. Coordinate a food drive with your business partners or neighbors to benefit your local community. Send handwritten cards and letters of encouragement to local hospital workers, retail workers, and nursing home residents. Send a meal to your local frontline workers. Whatever you do will certainly lift spirits and draw smiles.

No one really knows what 2021 will look like, and although 2020 wasn’t was we expected, we can still end it with appreciation for what we’ve survived, sorrow for what (and who) we’ve lost, and hope for a brighter future.

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