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AMiable Solution #396: How to Write a Great Love Letter

What’s the measure of a great letter? The response, of course. Make the most of yours with these four quick tips for making any love letter or direct mail letter great.

Nowadays, it’s easy to express your love in five minutes or less. All it takes is a trip to the greeting card aisle and, voila! Instant affection.

But if you really want to capture someone’s heart, you need to put your own heart into the effort. Taking the time to make it personal can do wonders for any relationship, including the one between you and your market.

So how do you write a great direct mail letter? The same way you write a great love letter:

· Address the recipient by first name. Everyone likes to see their name in writing: to know that a message was intended just for him or her. This is true in relationships and in marketing. Get personal. Be on a first-name basis.

· Be honest. Most people, whether in love or in a business transaction, know a load of baloney when they hear it. They know when something sounds too good to be true or when someone’s feeding them a line. Don’t play games or try to manipulate your words. Be honest. Show your customers—and your love—that you understand them and their needs.

· Be specific. Just as your loved one will be moved when you recall the details of your first meeting, the first time you realized you had feelings for him/her, etc., your market will be moved to respond favorably to your marketing when you provide specific information about your offer. Show them that you understand their problems and can provide concrete solutions.

· Speak your recipient’s language. Every couple is unique. They have their own histories and stories and inside jokes. Your markets aren’t much different. To be able to communicate effectively with them, you need to know their histories. How they communicate. What motivates them. Whether they’re persuaded by benefits or features. You need to know how they think and speak to them accordingly.

Everyone loves a love letter. Make yours great.

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