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AMiable Solution #412: Making Up for Lost Time

“Integrity” should be part of every marketer’s job description.

All across the country, things are changing…for the better. Businesses are reopening or getting back to “normal.” People are getting together. Life is starting to look like it used to.

And although there’s nothing we can do to reclaim the lost opportunities to meet new customers, engage in-person with vendors and clients, and process new sales, there are some things we can do to make the most of this changing landscape going forward:

· Plan events…with caution. Getting back to face-to-face interactions is high on most people’s lists. Virtual meetings and conferences were a good fix, but you just can’t replace the feeling of connectedness and comradery that in-person interactions create. If seeing your clients and prospects is on your must-do list, be sure to plan an event that follows current government safety guidelines and maximizes the comfort levels of all involved.

Not feeling too comfortable with groups but missing seeing faces? You might try hosting a drive-through event in your parking lot, where you invite interested parties to briefly “attend” various stations displaying your latest products or offering brief “meet and greet” opportunities with key personnel.

· Update your marketing materials. Many businesses have changed the way they do business in the last year. Some have changed distribution processes. Some have expanded or restricted services. Some have even changed strategy and mission. Whatever adjustments you’ve made—and intend to keep—make sure they’re reflected in your current marketing collateral.

· Communicate! The most important thing you can do for and with your market is communicate. Communicate new or changing policies for on-site visits. Make sure clients know about reopenings or closures or new hours. Address common concerns and what you’re doing to relieve them. Whatever you have going on, make sure you share it with your clients and prospects. Mailed letters and notices, emailed reminders, and posted updates on your website and social media accounts will help keep customers in-the-loop and in-the-know.

We’re all ready to make the most of the new opportunities ahead of us. Best wishes to you for a successful second-half of 2021.

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