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AMiable Solution #415: Pandemic Gives Direct Mail New Cred

Is something missing from your to-do list?

Printers and mailhouses, like us, have been saying for years that direct mail remains a viable channel for marketing. And it’s not just because we believe it. Consumers do, too. And they’ve made that more evident in the past year and a half.

In her June 10, 2021, article, “A Marketing Movement: Direct Mail is on a Hot Streak,” Julie Poast, product marketing director at Vericast, not only reiterates the benefits of direct mail marketing, but she also identifies its increasing credibility.

“During the pandemic consumers have embraced it (direct mail) like never before,” reports Poast, with 34% of participants in a 2020 Awareness-to-Action Study saying they spend more time engaging with direct mail ads now than they did before the pandemic.

So…don’t stop mailing!

Direct mail marketing not only continues to engage consumers with its physical presence, but it also consoles them and assures them with its ability to work well with others. Used in conjunction with online campaigns, emails, and social media efforts, direct mail has the power to reach consumers in all areas of their lives and reinforce messages and offers.

Need proof?

Poast, in that same Ad Age article, reports that “consumers say that when they see an ad both in print and digital media, they are more likely to remember the message (52%) and notice the ad (52%).”

And isn’t that the goal? Get noticed. Be remembered. Draw a response.

You can still do that—with even greater results now—with direct mail.

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