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AMiable Solution #477: Getting Your (Marketing) Body in Shape for Summer

Your body may not be the only thing that you want to reinvent for summer. Get your marketing copy in top shape with three key exercises.

If you’re like many people, the approaching summer weather may make you wonder: is my body ready?

Although we can’t help you un-do any damage you did to your body over the winter, we can help you make sure that your marketing copy is in peak condition for your summer promotions. No cover-ups needed.

And, unlike with diets, you can expect to see the results of your efforts instantly. Here’s how to make the impact:

  • Make healthy choices. That means communicating with positive language that focuses on what’s possible and what can be done. Sure, can trash-talk the competition and tell your customers what the competitions’ products can’t do, but you’ll earn more respect and trust if you sell your offer on your authority and value alone.

Making healthy choices also means using active, not passive, voice. Changing, “The ball is in your court,” to “You have the ball: what are you going to do with it?” not only communicates more directly, but it also puts your buyer squarely in your crosshairs: it gives your reader control of the situation.

  • Once is not enough. If you want to build muscle, doing one round of bench presses won’t do the trick. You have to exercise regularly and in sets. You have to put in the work. Similarly, if you want customers to take action, you have to tell them what you’d like for them to do, and then you have to tell them again. In some cases, it takes three consecutive mailings to convince a consumer to act. It takes repetition to improve “muscle memory” and brand recognition. Don’t expect the “toned” results you want overnight. Work for them.

  • Trim the fat. And by fat, we mean excess words. Words that slow down or confuse your message. Words that prolong what could—and should—be said succinctly. Edit your copy ruthlessly for ultimate impact.

If your copy has gotten sluggish or heavy or the winter, don’t worry. It only takes a few key exercises to whip it back in fighting shape.

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